About Aymeric Zunquin:

Aymeric Zunquin is a multidisciplinary artist, born in Paris in1975. In 1992, he was introduced to the academic arts with the master Gilbert Diebold (Grand prix de Rome 1960 ), before going ahead of his apprenticeship in the "Ateliers Beaux-Arts de Paris", then with other great masters in various disciplines in arts and crafts, as Gérard Di-Maccio and Marc Gardereau.

Since 1996, recognized for his technical mastery, he's entrusted with various projects in the fields of architecture, decoration and sometimes events. (Paris, Cannes, Monaco, Geneva, Brussels, New York, Miami)

Nowadays, "the technician" has become an "Artist" in his own right, and takes us into a personal universe, inspired by  "the Emotion"....

Artistic approach:

For him, “The Emotions” would be our perception of an invisible energy connecting us to the universe…His artistic approach consists in making this "energy" appear.

Thus, like a mad scientist, He conduct his researches as well in nature, in quantum physics, and in his mind, using various styles and techniques to serve his reasoning:

 "The concept of energy involves movement, radiance, and even transformation... Therefore I give to my works the particularity of being changeable and each of my technical choices goes in this direction. For example:

  • My glaze technique, with its transparent paint layers, brings depth to the colors and a changing perception depending on the lighting.
  • I use large formats to capture better the bright atmosphere of a place.
  • I mix "pearlescent" pigments, I project glossy resins, I use black light reactive paints...anything that can sparkle or radiate.
  • I create my own 3D supports, to interact with perspective and drop shadows..."

"My research began with beings living in motion (horses, fishes, dancers etc.). The Energy is represented as a projection of molecular liquid, which seems to resonate, to the point of bursting."

"Thereafter, I focused my research on these molecules and this resonance phenomenon ..."

"Then, I continued zooming in to the heart of these molecules..."

"...until discovering "The Particles of Emotions". Free particles, adaptable to all environments..."

"More recently, I have directed part of my research towards the inner perception of my mind. An atypical creative process, which consists in closing the eyes to observe.

I saw little flickers of light, a feeling of space and dizziness, shapes like soothing waves of energy...until my mind got lost among its illusions..."

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